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Kombucha Inhibits Malignant Cell Growth – Article Review

Kombucha Tea and Acid Reflex condition


For centuries people have been using Kombucha Juice, aka Kombucha Tea to restore health and vitality. Known worldwide, this simple mushroom tea helps restore the PH balance in the body. Each person has their own story on their experience with Kombucha tea. Here’s what a health care provider in Iran wrote in 1996:

A health professional in Iran published an article titled “Kombucha Inhibits Malignant Cell Growth” in the Iranian magazine, the Green Leaf, Vol. 5 dated March 1996. The article reports that the clinic got good results and they are very satisfied. Kombucha was good for Prostate Gland, Corns on toes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer of Bone Marrow, Fibroid in Uterus, Fibrosis in Lung and other problems.

All articles presented on KombuchaJuice.com are based on experiences by users or studies conducted by health care professionals and researchers. Kombucha Tea is a supplement, and has not been submitted to or approved by the FDA, therefore we cannot make claims. Our intent, at KombuchaJuice.com is to share information on maintaining our own health and utilizing natural foods for life.


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New to Kombucha? You can brew your own kombucha tea - but start with the right information! Click Here for great kombucha reference book!

Kombucha News

Kombucha tea maker Vibranz returns to Whole Foods

Kombucha maker Vibranz said its fermented tea is back at Whole Foods stores, marking the first return after the grocer pulled the products from shelves over worries they contained too much alcohol.


Fermented tea kombucha vanishes on alcohol worries

It's a fermented, pungent tea, but it's the alcohol that can lurk inside of kombucha that's causing a stink.


Whole Foods removes kombucha drinks from stores

Whole Foods is removing a fermented, sweetened tea called kombucha from its shelves because of concerns over slightly elevated alcohol levels.


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