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Kombucha for Scars and Skin Healing

Kombucha for Scars and Skin Healing


Back to nature! Kombucha tea has been used for centuries to restore health and vitality. Known worldwide, kombucha mushroom tea helps restore the PH balance in the body. Each person has their own story on their experience with Kombucha tea. Here’s what S.J has to say:

“I read somewhere that Kombucha Tea came from a subterranean civilization and was given to help mankind. After hearing about this I had to try some. That was ten years ago. At that time I had just survived a coronary heart operation (triple by-pass). The ugly lumps around the scar disappeared when I drank Kombucha Tea and also placed the extra pancake like mushrooms right on the scar tissue. My wife had corns on her toes, and since I\'ve been dabbing them with a wad of cotton wool soaked in Kombucha, they\'ve disappeared, too! “
S. J., Clinton, Conn.

Here’s another story by Mr and Mrs G in California:

“For approximately two weeks I had been suffering from a severe sensitive skin condition on the whole body from the neck to my toes. After several trips to the Doctor and spending considerable amounts of money on antibiotics, creams, lotions and pills I was at the stage of going insane from the constant itching and sleepless nights. It felt worse than chicken pox. Soon my wife started itching, too, and went to see the local health food store. She found Kombucha Tea. After only four applications we no longer itched. Now I don\'t usually get excited about things, but I feel this product is the best thing around. It saved me and my wife from going crazy. After reading up on it, we found we could grow a culture just from the health food store’s bottled drink. “
Mr. and Mrs. G. from California.

All life stories presented on KombuchaJuice.com are based on true life experiences by users. Kombucha Tea is a supplement, and has not been submitted to or approved by the FDA, therefore we cannot make claims. Our intent, at KombuchaJuice.com is to share the kombucha stories, information, even the folklore from around the world.


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