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Holistic Animal Health with Kombucha

Holistic Animal Health with Kombucha


Author: Virginia Pipolini

The Elixir of Long Life, that is what it has been called in the past. What is this natural food? Kombucha tea, simply enough. We have seen it in the cooler at the health food store, and many know of its benefits. Did you know that your pets can also benefit from Kombucha, inside and out?

Some dogs are afflicted by a condition known as hot spots. This condition is irritating, and often dogs will chew themselves raw trying to bring relief. Dabbing a little Kombucha on these bare spots can relieve the itching and aid in healing.

Tumors are becoming more common in dogs as well. Many vets can provide a common test to see if it is just a \"fatty tumor\" and then they say \"live with it, or have it surgically removed\". You can add a teaspoon to a tablespoon to your dogs water each day. Many report more energy and better bowels, and diminishing size of tumors.

Most animals age much faster than people, and we must watch as they transition from healthy and active to slower movement. Kombucha tea was carried by Japanese soldiers as an elixir to give energy in battle. You can give your pet Kombucha in their drinking water, or directly in the mouth using a dropper. This gives them an energy kick and a nutritional boost.

Fleas can be diminished using Kombucha in a sprayer bottle. Apply to the spots that your dog or cat is biting or scratching to decrease the irritation and discourage those pesky little fleas.

Internally your pet may need a little digestive support, especially if they have been given a treatment of antibiotics. The medications that aid our pets focus on diminishing life - anti is against, bio is life. Anti biotic means against life. Kombucha promotes life, and supports the healthy digestive flora of your pet. Results will be shown in the animals bowel movements.

Skin and coat give a window to the internal health of our animals. The qualities of Kombucha support our healthy internal and external flora, and have been used around the world for both human wellness as well as healthy lifestock and pets.

Whether furred or feathers, two legs or more, everyone in your household can benefit from Kombucha. Used internally as an elixir, or externally as a beauty aid, this wonderful tea is an easy to use natural food substance.

Virginia Pipolini offers many secrets and ideas for focus on wellness. Learn more about kombucha Tea at http://kombuchajuice.com


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New to Kombucha? You can brew your own kombucha tea - but start with the right information! Click Here for great kombucha reference book!

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