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Inside and Out- Kombucha for Health!

Inside and Out- Kombucha for Health!

by Lydia Peru

Kombucha is more than a natural energy drink. This tangy, nutritious beverage also makes a great tonic for the skin. Kombucha naturally disinfects, making it a fabulous antibacterial.


Speaking of skin, Kombucha also helps acne by giving a gentle antibacterial wash. It also balances pH, and is very cost effective. Kombucha brings balances inside and out.

Another use of Kombucha is as a foot bath. Kombucha is a great treatment for athletes feet, the fungal infection that afflicts more than just athletes. Many use foot soaks for detoxification. You can use a foot spa treatment and then follow with a Kombucha mist as well.

Don\'t let all this talk about Kombucha and skin go to your head. Alright, let it, for Kombucha makes an excellent tonic for healthy hair. Give it a try in your fight against dandruff.

Eczema is another skin condition that includes itching skin and small eruptions. Many have used Kombucha to ease the irritation, through topical application and as a nutritional supplemental drink.

Pruritis sounds rather serious, so lets bring it down to more recognizable words. This condition is simply itchy skin. Have you wondered what to do with that old Kombucha mushroom? You can blend it into a paste and use this paste to treat that itchy skin.

Kombucha has been used for many other skin related conditions. Bee stings can be eased with Kombucha. You can try Kombucha on varicose veins, piles, ulcers, rashes, even psoriasis. This balancing gentle tea makes a valuable addition to both your kitchen and your medicine chest.

Learn more about the benefits of using simple cleansing methods at DetoxifytheBody. Kombucha is an energy drink known for centuries, and is cost effective, too!


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New to Kombucha? You can brew your own kombucha tea - but start with the right information! Click Here for great kombucha reference book!

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