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Kombucha Juice - Old time remedy vs. modern medicine...

Kombucha Juice - Old time remedy vs. modern medicine...


Ever been prescribed medications to counteract side-effects of modern medicine? I have...more times than not. I have been referred to as having blood like Spring Water by medical professionals most my life, possibly as I didn't even take aspirin for pain...until about 6-7 years ago. I had an industrial accident.

Dealing with the injury, SAIF, my work - stress city! I was given many different kinds of medications my body rebelled against, I don't remember the numbers but I sure remember the cost - over $1300 a month in prescriptions! Over a very short period of time (less than 7 months) I gained 74 lbs. My feet also suffered - my feet started swelling during the day, especially at work it would seem.

I started taking my shoes off at work keeping my feet under my desk then putting my shoes on only when I had to leave my desk. my feet really hurt so I took off my shoes under my desk. When I got up, I found my shoes would not go on my feet due to swelling. The color of both feet were deep red.

I walked in my nylons to the printer when my supervisor came around the cubicle, saw me basically barefoot (a safety issue), looked down and saw my feet, and reported I had to either go home or to emergency - I went to emergency. My diastolic was 50 and 6 hrs later it remained 50.

Two doctors told me they came to check on me, that they could see I was breathing but the machines were not registering it very well. One of the ER doctors read my medical history and figured out it was one medication reacting to another. It almost killed me!

That's when I did my research and found thousands of people die each year due to modern medications. I took myself off each one, not all at once as I read the consequences of coming off each one "cold turkey" and decided that was not the best choice. I am successfully off each one today.

I started using Energy Healing, Vitamins, Herbs, MMS, Transdermal Magnesium, Mabendazol and drinking Kambucha Tea. No more stress, no more acid reflux, no more reactions, and even the weight is coming off!

Kombucha Juice - Old time remedy vs. modern medicine... What do you think? Signed, Healthy in Portland, OR!


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New to Kombucha? You can brew your own kombucha tea - but start with the right information! Click Here for great kombucha reference book!

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