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Pain Relief the Natural Way Kombucha and Pain Release

Pain Relief the Natural Way Kombucha and Pain Release


Make the Pain Go Away!! Is it possible through diet and nutrition? Kombucha tea has been used for centuries to restore health and vitality. Known worldwide, kombucha mushroom tea helps restore the PH balance in the body. Each person has their own story on their use and results with Kombucha juice. Heres what several readers have shared with us:

I have used Kombucha to ward off headaches and migraine attacks. Im beginning to see a pattern as to what I eat and drink and the migraines. Also I have 2 large varicose veins below my right knee. During the 4 months I have been drinking the Kombucha Tea, I have noticed they have been reduced in size and my leg does not ache as it used to. I feel my body healing from the inside out. Now if I can just live a more healthy life Ill be around for a long time. From June a 48 year old woman from Pittsburgh, PA

Ive noticed my aches and pains have become fewer since taking the miraculous jelly-fish looking drink.
Young man from Huntsville, Alabama.

All life stories presented on KombuchaJuice.com are based on true life experiences by users. Kombucha Tea is a supplement, and has not been submitted to or approved by the FDA, therefore we cannot make claims. Our intent, at KombuchaJuice.com is to share the kombucha stories, information, even the folklore from around the world.


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New to Kombucha? You can brew your own kombucha tea - but start with the right information! Click Here for great kombucha reference book!

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