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Eliminating the Signs of Aging through Kombucha Tea

Eliminating the Signs of Aging through Kombucha Tea


I\'ve felt much better since drinking Kombucha. I\'ve liver spots on my hands are almost gone. They are dissolving as my body detoxifies. Four months later the arthritic pain in my lower back and hips ceased. I have more energy. My husband is also trying the Kombucha Tea if I pour and serve it to him. For the first time in 20 years I am sleeping right through the night, as he has no more heavy snoring. It is a dream come true to sleep at night. Thank you.

I have been brewing it in my kitchen cabinets where it is nice and warm. I just started drinking Kombucha 11 months ago and have amazing results. My bowel function is better, wrinkles filling in, and I sleep easier. I was at first wary that these claims were too extreme. I give it to my grandsons who I baby sit 5 days a week. They always seem to have colds. They get over the colds in a day or two, much faster than before. Just because it isnt well known or published in a medical journal does not prove that Kombucha is a hoax. How many years has it taken for science to acknowledge that fruits, vegetables, enzymes, vitamins and minerals can be powerful tools in preventing sickness?
From a 61 year old grandmother from North Carolina.

All life stories presented on KombuchaJuice.com are based on true life experiences by users. Kombucha Tea is a supplement, and has not been submitted to or approved by the FDA, therefore we cannot make claims. Our intent, at KombuchaJuice.com is to share our gathered information and recipes with others interested in natural health foods.


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New to Kombucha? You can brew your own kombucha tea - but start with the right information! Click Here for great kombucha reference book!

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